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    Multiple text appearances in one acrobat field?

    Nathan Ford Level 1

      Hello, I think I need to use a basic java script to individually control the font size of characters inputted in to field.  I am not sure if I should be using an arbitrary mask or a custom format.  The form I am creating will be for retail stores to print A4 price tickets onto pre printed paper.  The field I need help with is the price input.


      The user will input a price like 99.95

      The appearance i desire is something like this,


      I do not want the decimal point to show but I think it is needed in the input.  These smaller characters are 25% of the larger ones.


      Sometimes a user inputs a price with nothing after the decimal point like 99

      The appearance is identical but leaving the 95 off.  I do not want a .00 to appear if there is no data after the decimal point.


      I general I would like the font as big as possible in the field and centered.


      Will acrobat do this for me or should I be working in another program.


      Hopefully one of you can help.