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    Problem with Reader X in Firefox and IE - Can't interact with toolbar or controls. I'm lost!


      Hi all,


      Since the upgrade to Reader X, I've been having very bizarre problems viewing PDFs in Firefox. I can view any PDF file just fine in the browser, but I can't interact with any of the toolbars or controls. For example, I can't zoom in or out, I can't save the file, I can't use the page down button, etc. My issue is almost identical to the one described in this thread:  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/756080?start=0&tstart=0


      Here's a rundown of more details, what I've tried, and what I'm experiencing:


      • System and software details:
        • I'm running Windows 7 Pro (64 bit), Firefox 3.6.1, Adobe Reader 10.0.0, and Adobe Plug-Ins Everything is fully up-to-date with the latest updates installed.
      • The problems:
        • PDF files open and display properly in Firefox, and I can scroll through them properly.
        • When I right-click on a PDF in the browser, the context menu pops up (though quite far away from the cursor) and I'm able to successfully select the options (such as doc properties, rotate). However, whenever the selection tool or the hand tool are selected, they both have problems. The selection tool selects text very far away from where the cursor is actually positioned (7-8 lines higher than it should) Single-clicking the hand tool on any area of the PDF causes the document to jump down by the same 7-8 lines.
        • The biggest problem: I cannot interact with any of the toolbar buttons. The toolbar is displayed and I can see all the buttons, but nothing responds to being clicked. Save, print, page down, zoom, and all the rest are completely unresponsive. This happens with both the Read Mode floating toolbar and regular fixed toolbar.
        • The problems occur with any and every PDF file that's opened in Firefox. It happens with PDFs on the Internet as well as locally stored PDFs that I open in Firefox.
        • The exact same problem occurs in Internet Explorer, it's not limited to Firefox.
        • The standalone Reader program works perfectly and doesn't have any of the above problems.
      • What I've tried (some common sense and some suggestions from the thread mentioned above):
        • Disabled all Firefox add-ons to rule out conflicts. No change.
        • Completely uninstalled and reinstalled Reader X. No change.
        • Completely uninstalled and reinstalled all Adobe software. No change.
        • Did the reinstalls with my anti-virus program disabled. No change.
        • In Reader X preferences: Internet > unchecked "Display in Read Mode by default." No change.
        • In Reader X preferences: Documents > unchecked "Allow documents to hide the menu bar, toolbars..." No change.
        • ETA: I forgot the most important thing! When I uninstall version X and install 9.4, everything once again works perfectly. The issue is limited to version X and I have no problems whatsoever with 9.4


      I have no idea what could be causing the issue, but the problems are so bad that it's too burdensome/not worth the trouble to work with PDFs within the browser. Without being able to easily zoom, select text, skip pages, make fine movements with the hand tool, etc, the functionality is extremely limited.


      I'd love any input, advice, or information. Thanks in advance!




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          ryansm1414 Level 1

          I think I found a Windows setting that is causing the issue. I'm using

          my LCD HDTV as the monitor for this computer, and in order to see the display easily, I have the following setting in Windows 7: Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Make text and other items larger or smaller > 150%.


          When I change this to the default of 100%, the problems with Reader X in Firefox and IE disappear. Reader 9, however, works perfectly at 100% and 150%.


          Is this a known bug in Reader X? Since the problem only appeared when moving from Reader 9 to Reader X, it seems it's not an unsolveable incompatability or something that's too difficult to work around.


          Do any others with their displays magnified have this problem? Or does it work perfectly? Would anyone (preferably with Windows 7 64-bit) be willing to set their display magnification to 150% and see if they can replicate the problem?

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            pdfacro123 Adobe Employee

            I can reproduce the problem on my Win7 32-bit too.  The toolbars do not work after I changed the display setting to 150%.  I, however, can use the context menu items just fine.  The problem goes away when I turn off Protected Mode in Reader (Preferences > General > uncheck "Protected mode at startup").  Are you sure that the toolbars do not work after you turn off protected mode in Reader?

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              I know this is an old thread but the exact same thing was happening to me and I believe I found a resolution. I have my Win 7 text size set to 135% magnification. The way I resolved this issue was:


              1) Right click the Adobe Reader X icon in the start menu

              2) Click properties

              3) Click the compatibility tab

              4) Turn on the option for "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"

              5) Click on apply/OK


              You may then have to reboot.