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    Navigation Menu that follows mouse?


      Hi, I've been doing flash for a while, but I've never been good at coding. I'm trying to make a navigation bar for a website that follows the path of a mouse. Some examples are below:





      I'm looking to create something similar, however instead of having a bar slide through, I think I want an animated mask.

      I want to set a default background image behind the text of the buttons, and a mask that fades out ontop of the background layer but behind the text. For those who don't understand... imagine a flashlight being pointed at a wall in a pitch black room. The circular source of light gives light to the background.


      Different from the examples above, I need to figure out how to make it follow the mouse exactly, instead of jumping to the next button automatically?

      I also suck at masks, but I'll be able to look that up. Are they  animatable, or should I use a layer that is semi transparent in a  circular area?


      Please, someone help me out with this! A quick, nondetailed example or explanation on how to do this would be much apreciated!