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    Is Premier Elements good for a Mac?


      Looking for some advice before I buy.  For years I utilized a windows PC with various different video editing and burning software.  A year ago I switched to a Mac and have been utilizing iMovie and iDVD.  My projects consists of DVD's with titles, pictures, video etc... The typical family stuff.


      While iMovie and iDVD are easy to use, the end quality for DVD is average.  My understanding is these programs are better suited for posting videos online, phones, emails, etc and not for quality DVD's.  Mac's Final Cut Express does not seem like a good alternative.


      I am utilizing Toast to burn DVD's.  Would Premier Elements be good for my use and any issues with the Mac version?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Actually, iMovie/iDVD should create excellent DVDs! They're terrific programs -- and Final Cut Express is also excellent, if a bit hard to learn.


          I've been seguing from using Premiere Elements on my PC to using it on my iMac, and I love it on Mac! Premiere Elements 9 runs very well on my computer running Snow Leopard.


          I'd definitely recommend downloading the trial and giving it a test drive.

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