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    MXML Outline Bug


      Dear Adobe team,


      pls dont forget this deferred bug



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          TomBurgundy Level 1


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            arshorten Adobe Employee

            Hi Tom,


            Our team reviewed all of the deferred bugs from the prior release so as to identify the top issues that are impacting customers. Whilst we have addressed a large number of such issues in the upcoming release of Flash Builder 4.5, we decided to deprioritize this particular bug and so it won't be fixed this time around.


            We will re-consider for the issue again for a future release of Flash Builder. Whilst I appreciate this isn't probably what you wanted to hear, please be assured that we did give it consideration.





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              TomBurgundy Level 1

              Hi Andrew,


              yes, indeed, I am actually pretty disappointed.


              I am wondering what else you want from a bug to fix it. The bug we talk about has

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              • a workaround which hints at an easy solution
              • a "daily annoyance" factor, i.e. its in your face most of the time you use the product


              I simply don't understand how Adobe can charge that amount of money for a product with such a bad respond time to bugs.


              We are not screaming out for the latest and greatest features, we simply want that what we paid for actually works the way it should.


              Now this might not be what you want to hear, but in fact Adobe's sterling Photoshop reputation is in my eyes not reflected in Flash Builder.




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                TomBurgundy Level 1

                Dear Andrew,


                please also note that right-clicking the editor window, and selecting "Quick outline" shows the outline in the correct order.


                So thats your solution right there for fixing the bug.