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      Hello everyone!



      Is it possible (within FlashCatalyst) to trigger a state transition from within a datalist (even from  within  complex datalists)?

      I'd like to try to show a large image  of the images within a  datalist when clicking on them .

      It is possible to do this in a different way,i know.It just would make things much easier for me.


      I got no programming skills whatsoever,i have to say.


      Thank you.

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          If you select the datalist component, you can attach an On Click interaction to it using the Interactions panel on the right side of the interface. Then you can assign which state you want the click action to go to. Since you want each item to display a larger version of the image, then change the "When any item is selected" menu to "When a specific item is selected". The first item is actually 0 (programmers like to start counting from 0).


          Hope that is enough to get you moving along,



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            idiso Level 1

            Thank you!


            That helps  already.