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    Perfect in DPP - Blotchy in Photoshop

    Aussie Kevin



      Hoping you can help - tried everything.


      I recently took a series of photgraphs (of my pregnant partner) that appear perfect in Canon's Digital Photo Professional (nice smooth skin tones). The problem is that when I open then in Photoshop (CS4 or CS5) the skin tones turn blotchy. Does not matter whether I try open a CR2 / Save to Tiff from DPP or transfer to Photoshop from DPP - all give the same result.


      I've captured a comparison here: http://www.pbase.com/kwebster/help


      I've uninstalled / reinstalled photoshop (yes, realise this is drastic) / tried PS4 and PS5 / tried different raw drivers / made sure colour spaces are all set to Adobe RGB - no luck.


      When I open them in PS the warning arrow sign appears and on the histogram it looks like the tops are clipped) not the case in DPP).


      Apologies - I'm obviously overlooking the obvious. Happy to supply CR2 files to anyone that can help.




      I believe what is happening is that the highlights are being clipped (i.e. the upper portion of the histogram is clipped). I'm puzzled as to why its perfect in DPP and not in Photoshop though. Also perfect in Infranview.