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    InDesign CS5 server and colormanagement

    staale Bjerke Level 1

      Hi All

      I have a problem with the server it dosen´t take the colomanagent setup that i want.

      We are using the InDesign server to make magazin pages where we have two InDesign dokuments one we use as a template and one we just use the boxes with scriptlabel to fill them with text and images. From these two dokument the servercopy the one dokument and uses the boxes from the other  to make one InDesign dokument.

      I use colormanagement with a CMYK profile and Colormanagent Policies with CMYK: Preserve Numbers ( IgnoreLinked Profiles) in both templates.

      If I make pages from the server the new dokument get wrong colormanagement it gets Colormanagement policies None.

      If i do the same operation with a "normal" InDesign i get it right.


      Any solutions anyone ?