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    Link not working

      On this site, http://www.carbonechiropractic.com/carbone_072308.html
      If you click on "About Chiropractic Care" in the orange nav
      And then click on "Children's Health" in the green subnav
      If you scroll to the bottom of that page there is a link that says "Patient Resources"
      I want this link to go to the "Related Links" section under "Patient Resources"

      I can't figure this out.

      FLA (2.35.MB) is here:

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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          First of all, you are using multiple scenes instead of loading content externally (that in itself makes trouble-shooting harder and makes the flash document become too hefty. Also, as busy as this flash file is, tracking down labels and instance names becomes a headache. I placed a trace statement on the button under your movie clip called "Tween 53" to determine where the play head is on the time line at this point. It traced frame 483. It's referencing a movie clip "resourcesmovie" that is not found until around frame 650. Therefore, flash has not encountered this frame to even know there is a movie clip with that instance name.

          Like I said before, do away with all the scenes and convert each of them into their own flash file, then externally load their swf content into your main flash document. That will solve a lot of headaches in the future.