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    Help implementing QoS for Video Streaming

    Fredherro Level 1

      Hello friends!


      I am trying to implement a quality of service logic for a videoplayer based on the Brightcove API. As I have learned it's a better idea to use methods in NetStreamInfo class (eg. currentBytesPerSecond) rather than using a native bandwith check.


      E.g. (where nc is a NetConnection object)


      var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);

      var nsi:NetStreamInfo = ns.info;

      var cbytes:Number = nsi.currentBytesPerSecond;


      use cbytes to evaluate which quality to chose...


      The problem is that streams are initiated (by videoplayer) using the Brightcove API and not directly using NetConnection.connect(). The BC API doesnt seem to give me any access to the classes listed above either, altough I'm certain it's utilizing them.


      Are there any Brightcove or video streaming experts out there that have a clue as to how I can access the NetConnection object used by Brightcove? Or if i can access the NetStream object or even tge NetStreamInfo object directly.


      best regards,