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    Transitions & Effects in Premire Pro CS5 -



      i'm a new entry and so i have little experience. I have just installed Premiere Pro CS5 for Mac and in the panel Effects i find very little items. Is possible to find more items to download ?? and in detail who can help me to do an zoom effect on a clip ???

      Thank a lot


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Use Motion/Scale for zooms.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Here's more information about scaling using the Motion effect.


            There are resources for getting started with Premiere Pro here.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Welcome to the forum.


              Harm has given you the way to create Zooms. Same for Pans (Effect>Motion>Position). There are no included Effects (like in PrElements, and some other consumer NLE programs) for these, and they are created from the "fixed" Effect>Motion>Scale, or Position.


              Now, there are some missing Effects on the Mac, plus some missing Transitions. Also, CS5 had to drop a few Effects and some Transitions, for both the PC and the Mac.


              This is an old LIST of "missing" Effects and Transitions on the Mac, and is from CS4. I do not have a current list of the "missing" Effects & Transitions on the Mac, nor a list of the Effects & Transitions that were lost in CS5. I feel certain that others can point you to a current list for CS5. I am only posting that CS4 list to give you a rough idea - remember, it is not current for CS5.


              Good luck,



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                walina45 Level 1

                Thanks a lot to all !!! now I try and then I inform yoy on result !!!! Thanks again



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  You are most welcome.


                  I also have PrE with some of those Presets, but never use them. Whether it's in PrE, or PrPro, I like the total control that I have with the Keyframing of those "fixed" Effects. Note: with all Video (and still images) Clips, there are some Effects that automatically appear. Those are the fixed Effects, like Motion, Rotation, Opacity, and Volume, if the Clip has Audio. Other Effects are found in the Effects Panel, and many can be Keyframed over time, in the Effects Control Panel.


                  Good luck,



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                    walina45 Level 1

                    Wanderfull !!!! is not very easy but it's working. But it's very incomprehensible that an expensive product sa Premiere CS5  have so small transitions/effects.

                    Sorry for may bed English but i'm an Italian self-taught.

                    Thanks once again



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Your English is just fine for me.


                      The difference between a program, like PrE, and PrPro, is that Adobe makes the assumption that the consumer market (for PrE), will want things quickly done, so they provide a "Big Button" solution. They assume that the users of PrPro will want total power and control, so things are done more by hand, but the benefit is that all aspects of the Effect/Transition can be controlled. Now, one can create custom Presets for some common actions, and then quickly apply those, over and over.


                      Don't worry that the concept of Keyframing seems a bit daunting at first - it is. However, with a bit of practice, and once the concept has been learned, it will be very easy, and seem like second-nature. That is how I feel about those Presets in PrE. I want the control, so ignore them. When people ask about them in the PrE forum, I have to open up that program, and examine them, because I do not use them often enough to really know what they can, and cannot do.


                      Once you get used to it, you will soon come to love it, and never use a PrE-like Preset again. Trust me on this. When one tastes the nectar of all that power and control, they will not reach for a Big-Button solution again - they will become intoxicated by that power.


                      Good luck,