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    Changing colors at intervals

    Voddie Level 1

      I am looking for some advise to start my project in the right direction. I am using Flash 8 Professional and probably publish in F8.

      Over the last month I have been playing and getting my head around AS2, expeciaily the transitions, easing etc.

      I wish to create a project, where the main movie loads several smaller content movies at a level via navigation.

      The site will be black and white orginally but I wish a background gradient movieclip, several text boxes, buttons etc to change color every 10-20 seconds. I know I can achieve this via the timeline but wish to create via AS2 as all my movement will be.

      Would I be better trying to create a loop of colors and attach to the clips after setInterval, or using mx.transitions, or looking into getting my head around flash.geom.ColorTransform, or is there a better solution?

      The main consideration is that some movieclips would require tinting at different values. I.e a gradient background may only need a 45% tint, where some text would require 100% others 75%. I would also need the loaded content color to match the main movie.

      Could anyone point me in the right directions, or links to good tutorials. My AS skills are still quite limited, but wish to create something truely dynamic rather than a work around via the timeline.

      Thanks for any assistance offered