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    CVS problem: Entries file not being created


      I am using Flash Builder 4 Standard. Connecting to CVS, it had been working correctly  but now when sharing a project it isn't working. It creates the project in the repository but doesnt include any of the files. Looking in the actual project files (in finder) it has created a CVS folder correctly but only has 'repository' and 'Root' but not 'Entries' which I assume is the problem. These are the steps I am taking (which was working...)


      Create new project

      File > New > Project


      Complete all fileds including path to the project files. Fla, and .as files.


      Do all the work I need to, and is finished. So I want to share the project to the team.


      Right click on the project in 'Package Explorer' window > Team > Share project...


      Select the CVS repository, (the connection works as I see all the projects listed)


      Select 'use project name as module name'


      Next > enter password > Finish


      At this point I used to get another dialogue window appear to be able to add comments and finalize the commit. But now for some reason nothing happens. No errors or anything. When I look in the repository the folder is there but it is empty.


      Does any one have any idea how I can fix this? It is most strange and very frustrating! Any help would be greatly appreciated