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    which format for hard drives?

    moroccodriver Level 1

      I'm working with RED footage on set and at home.  Mac on set and Windows 7 with Adobe CS5 at home.


      We'll have 2TB external drives (eSATA/USB) that we will need to be able to both read and write to using both Mac and PC.  My questionS are about how/what to format the drives.  FAT32, NTFS, or HFS+ ?


      1.  What solution would you propose?


      2.  There's no problem with the 2GB file size limit for FAT32 because RED solved that problem.

      a) Is FAT32 unstable/dangerous?

      b) What about the 32GB partition size limit I've read about?

      c) If you use a special disk formatting program to get around that 32GB limit, does it cause problems or slow down read/write performance?


      3.  If I use MacDrive or Macfuse software so that I can use NTFS with Mac or HFS+ with PC, will the software slow down read/write performance?