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    Capture impossible


      My PC (ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 with NVIDIA Geforce 9800GT graphics card) has just been updated from XP Prof. to W7, 64bit and all motherboard drivers, as far as I know, have been updated.My Panasonic NVGS400 DV camera is recognised by Windows device manager. PremPro CS5 (first time installer and user) in general responds quickly but the Capture Window and subsequent related Windows are slow and take a minute or more to open. CS5 only shows the camera as "Detected" and there is never an image in the capture window. CS5 has been reinstalled with no effect. A Canon XHA1 HD/DV camera has the same problem. Both these cameras can be captured on another PC running CS5. The related program "OnLocation" works on my PC and the Panasonic camera can be captured live. Any ideas as to what could be causing the problem on my PC would be appreciated before I lose all my hair!!