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    Flex 2 Charting BUG

      The demo dashboard line graph (bottom right corner graph) doesn't display results for data over 999,999. Is there a limitation with the graphing technology that can not go above 6 digits?


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          creoe Level 1
          I have looked into this more. It seems that once a value goes above 160,000 the Adobe charting class will not draw the data point on the graph. Not sure why becuase the other three charts will draw data above this value. This is a default install of flex 2 SDK / flex charting and all I am doing is editing the values in the results.xml to test input for the values.

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            creoe Level 1
            Found the bug. It appears the developer of the flex 2 dashboard application decided to program in a chart maximum value instead of leaving it automatically resize.

            Hardcoded Line of code:
            <mx:LinearAxis maximum="160000" labelFunction="currencyFormat"/>

            Fixed Line of code:
            <mx:LinearAxis autoAdjust="true" labelFunction="currencyFormat"/>

            Notice autoAdjust="true" makes the chart Y axis resize as desired.

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