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    Click/Pop eliminator


      Is it just me, or does the click/pop eliminator not work as well as it did in the PC version? There aren't as many parameters to modify. I edit VOs for a living and have to get out lots of mouth noise. So far, the mac version hasn't been doing the job....even on the heaviest setting.

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          Alivalhur Level 1

          You are rigth. The tuning provided in the Mac version for this effect cannot be adjusted as AA3. Hope this will change in next release.

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            ronnieh1 Level 1

            I agree. Click/pop doesn't work as well as in the PC version. It works fine until you get down to the nasty stuff.


            I compared results between the Mac Beta and Jeff Klein's ClickFix plugin for the Windows version for an especially noisy 78.


            ClickFix/Windows/AA1.5 was significantly better than the best I could do with the Mac Beta adjustments. ClickFix was easier to tweak, because it immediately reports numbers of clicks removed. ClickFix also permits monitoring of "clicks only" so you can tell immediately if you're starting to do damage to the audio.


            I don't use the native Audition 1.5 Pop/Click adjustments, but I suspect that it might return even better results than ClickFix.

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              ryclark Adobe Community Professional

              I must agree. The new Click remover is much less efficient at finding and remove cliks when imbedded in noise than either of the above mentioned original Click and Pop removers. However the Automatic Click Remover under the Noise Reduction/Restoration effects menu does seem to be a bit better than the Diagnostics/DeClicker effect.