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    RH8: how to change default list 'type'?

    jaggedpeak Level 2

      In another thread, Leon and William helped me 'get' how to easily do nested numbered lists using the Numbered List button and the indent button.


      In my .css, I have entries for OL { }, OL OL { }, OL OL OL { } and I've indicated the list-styles as decimal, lower-alpha, and lower-roman.


      In a nutshell...

      - enter three lines of text

      - select the three lines and click NumberedList button

      - select lines 2&3, click Indent

      - select line3, click Indent



      1. Line 1

          1. Line 2

              1. Line 3



      In the html view, each of the OL tags appear as <ol type="1">. Is Robohelp supposed to be able to recognize (somehow) that I wanted the indents to be lower-alpha and lower-roman, or do I have to go in to the html view every time and change the list type on the indented lists?

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi again,


          It's quite annoying isn't it? You do need to remove it, but there are better ways than doing it by hand. You can use list styles, which neatly makes all your previous effort pointless, or you can write a script to remove the type for you. Simply create all your topics and before generating run the script that strips all the type tags.


          As a 'workaround', you can also change the definitions in your style sheet: add the !important statement after the list type styling;


          ol ol { list-style-type: lower-alpha !important; }


          The style from your css will now override the inline styling. This is a very usefull feature, but the !important statement may also override the user defined browser settings. Therefore, I think it sensible to delete the type attribute anyway.


          There's an example script on my site that removes inline styling for you and that includes stripping the type attribute. The script itself is rather blunt, as it deletes all the inline styling from your project, but you can simply strip away the stuff you don't need.