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    Getting data out of Flex, into ASP.NET

      Hello everyone. I apologize if this has already been asked and answered, but I couldn't really think of how to phrase it for a search.

      I would like to have an ASP.NET web application. For certain functionality I want to use Flex 2 to gather information from the end-user. So, I'd like to start a Flex 2 control from ASP.NET, passing some variables. The Flex 2 file would take that data to help render itself. The end-user would fill in the rest of the data as needed, and when they clicked "Done" or whatever, the Flex file would close and the ASP.NET app would get the data from it.

      I've played around with web services and can call an ASP.NET function from within ActionScript, but it needs to be session-aware.

      The best possible solution (and probably unlikely) would be something like:

      ProfileInformation pi = LaunchFlexProfileInformation(ProfileInformation);

      Where the class ProfileInformation is populated with username, password, email address, etc.. The Flex app would show, allow the user to modify the fields, then when the user is finished, presses 'Done' and the Flex app would return the updated values to the ASP.NET app for processing and updating in the database.

      Any guidance at all on this subject would be greatly appreciated (I've had a very hard time locating information on Flex-related stuff outside of the very basics).

      Thank you,