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    Embedded swfs max number


      Is there a maximum number of swf assets I can embed in an fla using this syntax:


      [Embed(source ="../swfs/swf1.swf", symbol = "symb" )]
      var SWF1:Class;

      var swf1:MovieClip = new SWF1();

      [Embed(source ="../swfs/swf2.swf", symbol = "symb" )]
      var SWF2:Class;

      var swf2:MovieClip = new SWF2();

      [Embed(source ="../swfs/swf3.swf", symbol = "symb" )]
      var SWF3:Class;

      var swf3:MovieClip = new SWF3();

      I'm doing this in flash cs5 with a bout 20 or 30 swf files and at one point it compiles but some or all movieclips are shrunk down to one blank frame.


      I check using this:

      var allPages:Array = [swf1,swf2,swf3...];

      var t:int = 0;
      for each(var clip:MovieClip in allPages) {
      var f:int = clip.totalFrames;



      Sometimes this code above does not even get executed and the compiled swf does not respond at all.


      Each swf contains anywhere between 500 and 3500 frames. Sometimes I embed the same swf multiple times to grab different symbols in it.I have had no luck determining the root of the cause:


      -number of embedded swfs?

      -size of the embedded swfs?

      -number fo frames in an embedded swf?

      -total number of frames in the main swf?


      Can anyone help?