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    An internal error has occurred! + Runtime error! Program C…


      I have Vista 64 SP2 all patches and Acrobat CS4 installed.Reader 9.4 was running without more then the normal troble with Adobe software. After installing Adobe Reade X it won't even start.


      The only  thing Reader X is doing is showing: An internal error has occurred!

      And: Runtime error! Program C… The program has requested the Runtime  to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support  team for more information.


      I have enough of Adobes Beta Software released to me as a customer.  Never seen anything worse then your products. Flash as THE security hole  closely followed by Adobe reader. Okay that hole is closed now an  forever as I never will install anything from Adobe on my PC again. The  **** with downloading by Adobe DLM in firefox and such crap not to  mention.


      Welcome Foxit Reader!

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          this Error can occur if you make use of JUNCTION in your filesystem. Sometimes those JUNCTIONS are made by your Operating System (e.g. windows anytime-upgrade and than changeing system language). But perhaps you manually changed program and data storage locations by using JUNCTION ( e.g. mklink or any other tool ).


          ONE SOLUTION which works for me was to install Adobe Reader manually by downloading the appropriate version at ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win . The startup with the desktop shortcut will not work.

          1. You should create a new Folder (e.g. TEST ) in the HOMEDRIVE ( normally C: ) root location which is not a JUNCTION .

          2. Open a command line ( press WinodwsKey+R than type "%COMSPEC%" without quotes and press OK Button)

          3. Use now the set command to change environment varibles temporarily Change APPDATA and USERPROFILE by typing

               SET APPDATA=C:\TEST

               SET USERPROFILE=C:\TEST

          4. Now start Adobe Reader from this command line by typing

               "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe"

          Adobe Reader will open.

          5. You should go straight to Menu: Edit->Preferences->General

          Disable or deselect the "Enable Protected Mode at startup" at the bottom. Click OK. and exit Adobe Reader.

          6. Adobe settings are now written to C:\TEST

          copy all from C:\TEST to your original USERPROFILE dir


          Now you can use the desktop shortcut of Adobe Reader and it will also open pdf directly in your browser.

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            I have the same problem, but this solution doesn't work. In 5, Preferences doesn't appear, Reader freezes and I need to kill process. I have win7-64 and ssd drive, because of that my userprofile stored at hdd and c:\users is a link.