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    Error 1402


      OK,  so i downloaded reader x to upgradeo from 7.


      Dowloads fine but won't finish he install.


      Error 1402: cound not open key:




      I've gone though removing all previous versions,  disabled firewall  etc.. (I'm using ESET), changed permision to full with regedit and still no luck.

      The registry changes are sticking.


      I'm about ready to use this CPU  for target practice....


      Any ideas?

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          If you are getting the permission issue for below perticular key and your changes are not working.




          Instead of giving the permission to MSFS key, give the permission to parant folder that is  "OptionalComponents".


          On the permission part, you need to make Administrator as Owner.


          Before applying any changes take a back-up of Registry and after that apply the changes.


          Refer the Document to change the permission >>>      http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/329/329137.html



          Hope this will resolve the issue.

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            skeptic098rt0q387 Level 1

            Nope,  didn't help.


            I had to delete and then recreate MSFS and then it installed.


            I'm not happy about loosing a day to get this fixed...

            I shouldn't have to do registry editing for a simple version upgrade.