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    Multi-camera CS5 slow/not working - i7-950


      Ok, I've upgraded my system, updated all my software, even the bios on my motherboard.


      I am perplexed at why multi-camera mode in cs5 is still not working. Here is my process:


      I start a new project
      Video settings are
      - drag my video clips onto the timeline on different tracks. One at a time.
      - sync them up
      - nest them
      - Enable multi camera mode
      - Open multi camera monitor
      - Sequence has 2x HDV & 2x AVCHD files


      - It will go along fine for about 10-15 seconds, sometimes longer (10minutes), sometimes shorter, then it
      starts to get jittery. Somestimes the video just stops, but I can still hear the audio.

      Sometimes there won't be any video at all when pressing play in the multi-camera monitor... or it will play but so slowly.

      Sometimes I can make it through about 5-10 minutes of cutting and the video will stop, but audio continues. Once this happens I cannot get video back. If I close everything and restart PPro I *might* get another 5-10 minutes where it's smooth as butter... but then it will stop.


      So here's my system:


      Windows 7 Pro
      i7 950 - 3.06ghz
      12 gigs of ddr3 1600
      2 hard drives in the following config
      - 500GB 7200 RPM (C: drive)
      - 1TB 7200 RPM (D:)
      - 1 tb drive that contains my original video, preview, Scratch, cache, and exports

      Graphics card is a Geforce GTX-470
      800 watt power supply


      During the short time that I'm cutting it's smooth as butter, without a bump. But if I have to stop to go back and fix a cut I will not be able to resume my multi-cam editing. It will just kind of freeze up and nothing except play audio.


      GX470 is updated with latest driver

      I've tried disabling and enabling the MPE - I don't seem to notice anyhting


      I don't have any effects placed on these clips as I'm editing a 4 camera angle concert. Right now I'm just cutting and will crop/resize/color correct/fades once I finish cutting...


      What do I do?!?!