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    Kuler color distinction?

      I know that Kuler is meant for simply, swatches. BUT why not let the user / designer (what-not) be able to distinguish a few main colors and secondary colors and then an accent (Pantone.com displays something similar to this). I feel as though when you go to choose 5 colors at Kuler, you have to order them from left to right in a way that people will understand the 'order' of your chosen swatches. Why not choose your 5 colors, and then have another box with different thicknesses of color. OR its a designated pattern, that you can then drag your completed swatches into each section and arrange them as necessary. This way people are truly rating color harmonies. Rather then rating 5 colors with no knowledge of their intended use with one another.

      Let me know what you think of my idea! :)