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    using swf in AE: All known issues


      Hi All,


      I'm trying to evaluate SWFs as an alternative to image sequences and I've run across a few issues in forums and in testing.


      I would like to compile a list of known issues/problems related to using SWFs in AE CS5.   Can you add to my list?  Can you shed light on the issues?

      Are there any special workflow issues that need to considered?  Are there features in Flash that are not supported in AE?



      From my experience:


      1. On rare occasions AE will not display all frames correctly.  I have a swf that doesn't display the first frame in AE.

      2. Sometimes when updating a SWF and reloading in AE, AE will throw an error.  Reimporting fixes.


      From forums:


      1. Problems related to working with immense canvas sizes in Flash

      2. Problems related to continuously rasterize-ing many SWFs



      Features not supported from SWFs in AE:


      1. Cannot import audio from SWFs