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    Export without "transcoding"? (h264 Eos .mov files)



      My question is: Is it possible to export from the original footage without transcoding bits that dont need to?


      I am using a Canon Eos 550d which produces h264 .mov files with 49mbit/sec. As I believe mercury-playback-engine acts as a frameserver to the editing program of CS5 and serves only I-frames to Premiere. Mercury decodes the files and plays them back, and btw it doesnt report the proper clip properties - My Canon Eos 550d .mov footage (sequence setting: preset: digital slr - dslr 1080p25) shows up as "Type: MPEG Movie" when I choose right-click-Properties. But I assume that internally the footage is not transcoded to mpeg but just decoded by mercury and played back, so Premiere only gets I-frames to handle.

      So the question at this point is: What is the source of footage that the export module uses? Does the export module rely on mercury and is feeded only i-frames (aka decoded footage), so that transcoding has to be done, as not to transcode at this point would mean to save uncompressed 25p-full-size-frames one after the other? Or is the export module taking the source file and re-encoding (I understand that there is no "transcoding" with h264, or at the time beeing not yet..) it (because then, as I understand, it would be possible to save parts of sequences withour re-rendering them)?


      So, if it is possible, how to tell the export module not to re-encode the bits that dont need re-rendering (all parts that are not near any cuts or effects)- which settings are to be taken, or is there an automatism?