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    [CS5] masking a person on a clip with heavy motion stabalization already done

    HarryPutnam Level 1

      Hoping to get somekind of a basic outline on how to proceed with this task:


      I've been working on some really nasty willdly jerky footage.


      I received some coaching that directed me to use the stabalizer aspect of motion tracking and man did that really do a nice a job... only needing hand adjustment in the very worst places.


      Now I have the clip looking quite stable, however, of course there are quite a few places where the edges of the clip are yanked into visibility.   I can cover some of it by increasing the size but this is so bad that size increase is not enough.


      I think I'll mask out the background using a fairly heavy feather and get rid of the edges that way.  And just display the person singing that way in a larger wedding video.


      I recall having spent a very lot of time doing a similar chore once some time ago (before the nifty rotobrush) where I hand followed (with a pentooled mask), footage of my great grand son and managed to cut him out of the video where he made his first decent adventure at walking.


      Had great fun setting him to tromping thru downtown Chicago and various other outrageous places, but it was a serious time sink getting it done.


      In this case it would be a much looser mask that would leave an inch (on computer monitor)  or so around the person visible as well.


      So I'd end up with very loose mask around a person singing for about 4 minutes during a wedding shoot.


      I've forgotten quite a lot of how I set up the previous chore


      Can I get a few suggestings of how to tackle this job.  I mean just general suggestions.