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    Changing Margins for Printing Purposes


      I'm a student who regularly prints 50 page PDF files posted online from my professors.  I like to conserve as much paper as I can (for my own $$ purposes and hey, it's nice to be green too), so I print these off double sided and usually have 2 pages per side - only problem is that most of the PDFs have ridiculously large margins, sometimes 2 inches all around (reducing the actual size of the text to 4.5 x 7).  This wastes much paper, and I know that I can't increase the page size with text wrapping or anything, but when the pages are so small I can barely read the text because it's so small.  Is there any way that I can simply decrease the margins for printing purposes only, so my 2-sided pages don't have more than 60% blank space (as 2 inch margins create)?