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    hhp issues

    Rahul karn1 Level 1


      I am using RH8.0.2 for CHM output.


      In my projects almost 260 chm are merged in the parent project.


      My problem is, when i generate the output i noticed hhp file take the path of my local machine, as a result search do not work when project is open in anothere machine.


      I tried to manually update hhp file, but when i generate the project, it is again taking the path of my machine,like this:


      D:\protocol help_3.3\Changed footer\M5_protocol_help\L3LTE.chm
      D:\protocol help_3.3\Changed footer\M5_protocol_help\IPC.chm


      Ideally i want it to be



      Thanks and Regards,


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          Amebr Level 4

          Yep, we get that and have no solution (we think maybe it's related to source control). What we do is generate, edit the hhp to remove the paths, re-generate. The trick is not to make any changes to the project before the second generate.


          Someone suggested you could go into the Generate dialog box in RH, then open the hhp and delete delete the paths, then click Finish to start the generation process, which would save you some time - I found that the hhp didn't always have the hard-coded paths at this stage though, so was more comfortable with the double-compile.




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            Rahul karn1 Level 1

            Thanks !!!


            Yes,i too feel double compile is better idea.