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    movieclip not calling function




      I am trying to calling a function placed within a frame, from a movieclip.


      Code within movieclip



      onClipEvent (mouseMove) {

      if (this.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)) {

           trace("rolled over group235");

           hitstate235 = "over";

           group235over(); --->function call




      Code within frame:


      function group235over(){

           trace("inside group235 function");

           //some action code here



      Now while it successfully shows "rolled over group235"....it is not calling the function....?? What is wrong here?? 


      I have many functions placed within this frame, and a call from a button is working absolutely fine..so why not here??


      EDIT: ok so I put the function in the main timeline, and changed the call to _root.group235over(); which worked. But now I am trying change the state of this movieclip, and 2 others, which are all nested within a movieclip, which is also nested within a holder movieclip...I know it sounds messy..so I did a trace for _parents and got this _level10.mainholder.secondholder....I want to know that is this path permanent?? can I access this movieclip using this path??