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    [VBA] Getting warnings as logfile

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      Hi folks!


      This monday I started using VBA for controlling automation processes in InDesign. I finished a script within Access which creates for each existing data record an own textfile to a specified location. Afterwards it opens for each record an specified InDesign document and merges the data into the document. Finally the document is saved as PDF and closed.

      The amount can be over thousands of records. Because of this I'm surpressing dialogs and warnings by using oInDesign.ScriptPreferences.UserInteractionLevel = idUserInteractionLevels.idNeverInteract to avoid breaks. The script works without problems as wished.

      But unfortunatelly there can be warnings which are important to know. That's the reason I'm looking for a solution to write warnings into a logfile. Is there anybody who knows how to read out warnings and dialogs within InDesign by using VBA in Access - without breaking the process? A hint would be helpful.


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          Nobody is answering and I can't find a solution using google... That sounds like there is no possibility to grab the warnings and send them to an error log. What a pity - this would have been such a nice gimmick in scripting for InDesign

          If unexpectedly someone finds a hack or something else which makes it possible to grab the warnings please let me know.