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    timecode OnFI and OSMF

    Evets6bi Level 1


      I want to know how to read the timecode from a video with osmf.
      With  netstream I use onFI() method and in OSMF?


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          Mykola3296 Level 2



          LightweightVideoElement (and descendants) has a "client" property that is set to org.osmf.net.NetClient class instance upon load.


          Upon element load you may use something like this:


          var client:NetClient = NetClient(videoElement.client);
          client.addHandler("onFI", onFI);
          private function onFI(info:Object):void {
               trace (info["sd"]);
               trace (info["st"]);
               trace (info["tc"]);


          See NetClient source for details..

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            Evets6bi Level 1

            ok Thankks, but i not use video element.

            I'have this:


            var f4mLoader:F4MLoader = new F4MLoader(new SmoothedMediaFactory(SMOOTHED));
            mps.media = new F4MElement(new URLResource(pathNC), f4mLoader);



            where SmoothedMediaFactory is my custom mediafactory

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              Mykola3296 Level 2

              I've done it this way:

              1) Created TimeCodeVideoElement with:

               * @inheritDoc 
              override protected function processReadyState():void {
                   if (null == _watcher) {
                        _watcher = new TimecodeWatcher(this);                    
                   _watcher.client = client;

              Watcher does the job I described above (sets a function listener).


              2) Created a MediaFactory override with:

                   ( new MediaFactoryItem
                        ( "org.osmf.elements.video"
                             , netLoader.canHandleResource
                             , function():MediaElement
                                  return new TimecodeVideoElement(null, netLoader);

              for each item you want the default VideoElement to be replaced with a timecode watching.


              3) I've outputed time data to the outside world using a custom MetaData - so it is visible through any number of proxies above (F4M in your case).