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    Load Movie, FLV not showing up

      I'm publishing to Flash Player 8 from CS3. I have a MC placed on main timeline that loads an external MC onto level 10 of the main timeline.


      The external mc, "video60.swf" is linked to an FLV file. The FLV, SWF and the "AC_RunActiveContent.js" are definitely uploaded to the web server. When I preview in Flash locally it all works fine. When I open the file locally in a browser (same result in three browsers), it works fine. When I go to the URL, "video60.swf" loads (I see type in the mc), but I do not see the video.

      Could this be a server issue? Any other possibilities?

      Need a solution quickly, of course.

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          Are the swf files and the FLV all in the same directory... locally and on the server? Is there any change?

          Did you use FLVPlayback in video60.swf? If so what contentPath did you use for local testing? Was it an absolute local filepath (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\..etc or http://localhost/files/video etc) or a relative path to the flv from the swf.
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            stanmc Level 1
            GWD - thanks for the reply. Yes, all in the same directory. Yes to FLVPlayback, content path is relative, just the file name, as it resides in the same folder on local drive as well.
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              Greg Dove Level 4
              hmmm....nothing obvious jumping out for either of us then. Someone else might know something there... but I'm stumped.

              All I'm left with is what I'd try to do to track it down (I haven't tried googling, so that would be first...but I guess you already tried that.) Here's what I'd check.

              What happens if you (just for testing) load the video60.swf directly into the html page .... i.e. not into the other swf.

              Beyond that I would try some trace code and possibly a try catch block around the contentPath setting and play methods. Use FlashTracer plugin in firefox to see what comes gets traced.
              Another alternative is the xray component to see whats happening.

              Because things load much quicker from local it may be some event related thing as well... but if it is then I can't think what it might be and presumably that would also work the second time once the flv was cached by your browser.
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                stanmc Level 1
                Well I changed my content path to an absolute path to the LFV file on the server, and it works. I also had nested the FLVPlayBack inside a MC on the main timeline. Maybe that's a no-no? Anyway, I placed it directly on the main timeline and one of the two changes fixed the problem. I forgot about trying the FlashTracer plugin in Firefox, good idea (if I remember it next time). Thanks again for getting the brain working.