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    accentuation for an on-screen keyboard

    wgb14 Level 1
      Hi all,

      I am trying to create a simple onscreen keyboard in Greek. I have this behaviour that works nicely, but there is no way to put accentuation on a letter (e.g., the letter a, should appear as ά) . Also, I wonder if there is any way to implement in the code a caps loc function and a space function.

      property pme
      property myKey, displayField

      on getpropertydescriptionlist me
      a = [:]
      addprop a, #myKey, [#default : sprite(the currentspritenum).member.name, #format:#string, #comment : "what key do I put into the field?"]
      return a

      on beginsprite me
      pme = sprite(me.spritenum)
      displayField = member("textIN")
      displayField.text = ""

      on mouseUP me
      displayField.text = displayField.text&myKey