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    barcode on form is not read

    $$VIKS$$ Level 1



        I have a form which has a barcode field on it ( Code 3 of 9). I have added print form button on the form which will allow users to print the form using workspace application.

      The Printing works fine but the barcode is not read by barcode reader.


      It works fine & barcode is also read correctly if print it using workflow process  ( generatePrinteOutput > sendToPrinter), but i don't want to use this way of printing.

      Any ideas what could be the reason why barcode is not getting read when normal form print option is used.




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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          When you say "the barcode is not read by barcode reader" do you mean the scanning solution cannot find the barcode, the scanning solution cannot decode the barcode content, or both?


          Is the same printer used in both circumstances?



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            $$VIKS$$ Level 1

            Hi Steve,


              What I mean is, I have a xdp form with one of the field as barcode field ( Code 3of9), which is used to have unique business reference no. This form is printed in following 2 ways,


               1) Using workflow functions generatePrintedOutput ( for postscript) and then sendToPrinter operation to send it to printer.

               2) User can directly print the form using Print Form button present on the form within his work queue.


              In both the scenarios form is printed on the same printer. But when I try to read the barcode on the printed forms using barcode reader Wand, The barcode is read correctly from the form printed using Option 1 but fails to read barcode for option 2.




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              JustinCase.ftw Level 1

              Verify that the form in #2 isn't getting scaled in any way.