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    sound of flash-site stopping when using a javascript - only in "IE" please help!


      Hi @ all,



      i need your help anothertime for the same flash-site ..


      in my site i have a sound (.mp3 file - music) that is loaded from an external file that starts playing as soon as tha page is loaded. (i know the music is ugly but i am not making this site for me so it's not on me to select the song).

      now that worked for me in all my other flash-sites but in this site i also added a image-gallery that uses the known "lightbox" script.


      i found a tutorial of how to send the commands from flash to the lightbox script and used it ..



      actually it works quite well, when an image in the flash site is pressed than it pop's up in the well-known lighbox. you can even navigate to the other images with left and right buttons and you can obviously quit the lightbox and return to the flash site.



      the problem is that on all browsers like firefox, safari, google chrome and opera it works perfectly but on internet explorer (tryed version 8 and version 9 beta) as soon as the lightbox with the image appears the sound of the flash site is stopped .. and after closing the lightbox the sound won't restart.

      (i tryed to activate the compatibility function on IE but with no effect)


      it seems like the javascript is blocking the song beeing played but only on internet explorer..


      the code i use to start the song in the flash file is:

      apSound = new Sound(sndContainer);
      apSound.loadSound("Chi_Mai_da _Maddalena.mp3",true);
      apSound.onSoundComplete = function() {


      the site where you can see this yourself is this:



      (please select the first flag - italian - since the other languages are not aviable now)

      -navigate to the menu link "progetti"

      -click the first big image named "edilizia abitativa agevolata"

      -click another time the first big image "facciate"

      -now the gallery is loaded and if you open one of the images it loads in the lightbox and if you are on Internet Explorer the sound will be stopped



      thanks a lot for the help, it will be appreciated!!!


      Message was edited by: RedLine_24_12 UPDATE: tryed to import a .mp3 file directly in the flash file (inserted in the timeline at the gallery - no more external loading of the file) and the problem still remains .. internet explorer will stop the sound .. all other browsers will not