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    Fields and PE 9


      I now have PE 9

      . nost of my clips are either .mov or .vob files and I used

      to have to convert them with MPEG streamclip software so as to load "Lower field first" as well as to convert the clips to .avi -- I was advised by Steve Grisseti(I think) to do this to avoid shaky video production.  Is this still needed in PE 9? Would there a problem if I "pieced together different formats such as .mov, .avi, .vob in succession? Or should the final production  all the same formats. Do I still need to worry about the fields

      Can anyone suggest the proper "PRESET" to use the MPEG Streamclip software in the optimum way?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm always thrilled to hear someone takes my advice, fish!


          I always recommend converting your video to one of the main video formats. For standard def video, I always recommend converting to DV-AVI and for hi-def I recommend converting to 1440x1080 MPEG. Using one of these formats for your source video always works to your advantage.


          The program (especially version 9) is capable of working with many different video formats. You just may find you have to render your timeline more often -- which in my opinion is reason enough to convert first!


          In version 9, you can work with miniDV, HDV, AVCHD and Flip video without rendering.


          VOB always need to be rendered as you're working on them -- so it's up to you whether you consider the boost in performance worth doing it. If you want to use VOB video as our source, make sure you choose the project settings for a Hard Drive Standard Definition camcorder. (This will automatically reverse the interlacing fields for you.) Just remember to render whenever you see red lines above your clips on the timeline.


          I can't offer specific advise on MOVs, since Quicktime files (like AVIs) can use any of hundreds of codecs, and each has its own advantages -- and challenges.

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            fish614 Level 1


            So is MPEG Streamclip still the best software? Can you make a suggestion as

            to the preset configuration? Compression, frame size, Lowere field first,


            Why do some clips have the red line and others don't? Is it that I did not

            convert to .avi first? how do I render?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              The settings for MPEG Streamclip are detailed in the appendix of my books as well as in the FAQs to the right of this forum.



              If you've properly converted your video and you're using a Premiere Elements project preset that matches this video format, there should be no red lines above the clips on your timeline until you add a transition or effect to them.