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    Need help with Soundboard, trying to layer tracks.

    Crisis what crisis




      Hi, I’m a games design student from the UK I’m currently working on a music project. for this I want to create a soundboard where the user can select a multiple number of files and then play them as one track, my plan is to record background, rhythm, melody and random event tracks and have the user select one of these elements from each bank of samples and have a button for them to hear the outcome.

      So far i can get the soundboard elements to work, but no matter where i look or who i ask no one seems to know how to make this idea work, someone suggested using an array but when i started looking at arrays there seems to tutorials on creating them but not implementing them.


      any help, suggestions or links would be greatly received and appreciated.


      I also apologies if this has been covered before.

      It might also be helpful to know that I know some coding so working in action script (as I expect I must) is no really issue, but work primarily in 3D, so my knowledge of flash is at the novice level.