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    Possible Premiere Elements 9 Issue: Including Clip Descriptions/Project Media View

    A.T. Romano Level 7

      I am working with Premiere Elements 9 PC. I can add  clip Descriptions in Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1, but not in Premiere Elements 9 although the Premiere Elements 9 Help PDF suggests that the feature is the same in versions 8 and 9.


      In Premiere Elements 9 (same as in version 8), I can right click a blank area in the Project Media View, select Edit Columns, and place a check mark next to Description as a column choice in the Project Media View. In Premiere Elements 9, I can then click on the Description header, highlight my clip for which I want to supply a Description. But, unlike version 8, in version 9, when I click on the Description space for the selected clip, a text field does not appear (nothing happens). In fact, if I double click there I end up opening the Preview Window for that clip.


      Has anyone gotten this to work in version 9? If so, how?. Or, is this a known Adobe issue which Adobe needs to address since it is described by them in the Help PDF?