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    Is it possible to tag multiple custom components in the same prefix namespace?



      I have referenced multiple .swc libraries in my Flex Project. The problem is that what i`ve come to realize is that they don't have the same namespaces, making so that i have to define a seperate tag for each .swc file, such that my Application tag looks something like this:


      <s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"




      In this example components from one reference library would be called through the test prefix, while another reference library will be called through the test2 prefix.


      I realize that the easiest solution would be to consolidate all the components into one .swc file, but it`s important to keep the .swc files seperate as is (one of the reasons is that i do not have the source files of most of the .swc to merge them together).


      So is there a way in Flex to define multiple namespaces for a tag prefix, or are they strictly a one-to-one relationship?