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    Authorize Cruz Reader


      Hi, I have a Cruz Reader. I'm trying to download a book from my public library. I downloaded the overdrive media console. When it's time for download a box pops up saying "to use this ebook, you must authorize this device with an adobe ID. When I put in my adobe I'd and password I get this message " error activating the device with adobe. E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED (error code 2004). Please help. I would greatly appreciate. I really want to get books from the library.  Thank you in advance.

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          I had the EXACT same error...what I ended up doing was checking my Cruz's time settings.  From your home screen, navigate to your main app page.  There, select the "settings" icon.  Select "Date and Time" from the list of settings. Out of the box, my Cruz was set to use the automatic time setting from my network.  I deselected that, and set my time manually (the time setting on the Cruz was an hour off).  Once I did that, the Authorization went off without a hitch.  I hope this helps you! 

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            Thank you soooo much!  The 2004 error happened to me also on my ipod touch.  Corrected the time and date, whaaalaaaa! 

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              I had the same problem, and resetting the date and time worked for me, too.  Now I am a happy reader and glad I didn't throw my Cruz out the window!!!

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                I'm still ready to throw my Cruz Reader out the window.  I've tried exactly what all have recommended and I'm still getting the same error msg.  My time is set manually to the correct local time and Adobe confirms my account.  Is anyone else having this problem or does anyone have any other ideas?



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                  I was getting the same error msg with my ipad. My time and date were correct but my time zone wasn't, once that was corrected it fixed the problem and I am able to download books.

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                    pandsfitz Level 1


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                      I also have the same problem. The thing is this is all of a sudden out of the blue. My reader was

                      working perfectly until today. I have tried all of the above suggestions and nothing has worked. I am about to beat my beloved cruz against a wall!!! I even uninstalled over drive and re-installed it, and still nothing. Help!!!!

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                        pandsfitz Level 1

                        I tried to reinstall the firmware on the Cruz to solve the problem and it froze.  I just sent it back to Cruz to solve that problem.  The good news is their Customer Service is accessible, domestic and pretty responsive (although the phone people are pretty useless).  Which time zone are you?  I wondered if the clock problem was confined to those outside EST.  Thanks for the response.

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                          Maracatt Level 1

                          it's not a problem with just EST it's for all time zones  ( my problem was


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                            This also worked on the Cruz tablet.  Thanks so much for the info to correct this.

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                              I never got mine to work, I was so frustrated with it that I just ended up returning my Cruz. It's a shame as I loved it but I couldn't get it to work for the primary reason I bought it, so it had to go. 

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                                Mine is currently at their customer service reloading the firmware.  We'll see what happens when it's returned.  Strange how the fix works for some but not for all.  I still wonder if it works in the Eastern time zone but not in others.  I'm in Pacific.

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                                  I'm in Central. I soo wished I could have gotten it to work again, I tried everything I could find/think of for a week before I finally gave in. I also found something thru either Barnes & Noble or Borders website (I don't remember which) about a differnet way to get get around the error message (it still didn't work for me). From all the info I found I kept seeing over and over again that ADE doesn't support the Cruz and I figured that might have something to do with why I couldn't get mine to work. But then if that was the case, why would it work all along until just recently?!? Oh and Velocity's support is a joke. 


                                  Oh well, I returned it and got a netbook for about the same price....not quite as "reader" friendly but I don't want to try another reader! I want my Cruz back!


                                  Good luck!

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                                    Make sure that your date, time and time zone are all correct. Not much has been mentioned in this post about the date but after getting frustrated because i reset the time and time zone I checked my date. Sure enough it was one day off. Changed it and its working now.

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                                      Thanks.  Which time zone are you in?  I'm in Pacific and in order to connect

                                      to Kobo books and have the proper time display on the upper right of the

                                      screen, the Cruz Tech told me to set the time zone to Eastern.  If I

                                      manually set the clock to the proper time and set the time zone to Pacific,

                                      the time displayed on the screen is 3 hours off.  Cruz came out with a new

                                      version of the firmware but still has not fixed the clock problem.  I still

                                      can't download ebooks from Overdrive.  I get the message

                                      E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED(error code 2004)

                                      after I enter my Adobe Epub Username and ID.