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    Fireworks frozen after sleep Mac OSX 10.6

    liberalart Level 1

      Whenever I return to Fireworks after the computer has been asleep, fireworks is busy doing something for between 5 and 15 mins before I can use it. I can force quit but sometimes I have unsaved changed or I'm unsure if there's anything I don't want to lose by forcing it to quit just so I can start working again.


      Activity Monitor show fireworks alone is using between 99 and 103% of CPU usage.


      I don't have a slow machine, it's 2.66Ghz i7, with 8gb or RAM and and 250gb SSD.


      This is the only CS5 app that seems to do this for me or it's just that I use afireworks a lot and don't notice the others. But it's gotten very frustrating as I've been able to search, then write this message on the forum while waiting and it's still not operable.


      Anyone have any ideas other than the most obvious?


      Thanks much.