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    Silent Printing via code for Adobe Reader X does not work.



      Previous versions of Adobe Reader allowed you to print silently with only the adobe reader minimized in the background. Adobe Reader would stay in the background as you printed off multiple documents.


      Newest version of Adobe Reader opens in the background but only prints the first pdf document until that instance of Adobe Reader is closed. So I would have to wait for the Adobe Reader to open in the background... close it... document finally prints... opens Adobe Reader in the background... close it... prints document... ect...


      Windows XP



      objProcess.StartInfo.Verb =



      objProcess.StartInfo.FileName = strFilePath

      objProcess.StartInfo.WindowStyle =



      objProcess.StartInfo.UseShellExecute =






      For Adobe Reader version < 10

      -Adobe Reader displays minimized but correctly prints all documents as you loop through the code or call the code multiple times for different pdf documents.


      For Adobe 10

      -Adobe Reader displays minimized but only prints the first document using the code, you can loop through the code and call it multiple times and the pdf adobe reader instances will be queued up waiting for the first adobe reader to be closed. After it is closed it continually opens up a new Adboe Reader to print off the next queued up document, 1 document per Adobe Reader Instance.


      -There is no easy way to know when that Adobe Reader prints the document to force close the objProcess and move on to the next document to print.


      Any suggestions?