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    I get this message everytime I modify a topic page...


      RH8 message.png

      I am using RH8 but got the message in RH7 on all my projects, new and converted from RH6.


      In RH7 I just clicked OK, and the only problem this caused is that all the pages would be "new" after generating so the publishing took a long time.


      With RH8 a new problem has arisen. When I click OK, the path to the files on the Master Page header change to the path of the topic page I am modifying. This causes the image and script liinks to be broken on every page using the Master Page.


      For example:

      The Master Page is in the project root and in the header I have an image of images/Example.png.

      When I edit the body of the topic page processing/about_processing.htm, which uses the Master Page in question, I get the message above and click OK.

      If I look at the Master Page the image path is now processing/images/example.png, which doesn't exist.


      Is there some setting that I need to adjust or some tweek I can make so that every change to a topic doesn't make RH think the Master Page was updated?


      Thanks in advance John