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    CS5 WMV Datarate above 10.000kbs not possibe


      Hello together,


      when I encode wmv files the maximum setting in Media Encoder is 10.000kbs. My first thought was that Media Encoder just support a lower profile of WMV3, but I checked the file with Mediainfo and it shows VC-1 Advanced Profile at Level 3.


      Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VC-1#Bit_rates_and_resolutions shows me that 45.000kbs encoding must work @ Level 3 and also the free Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 can do this.


      However, I'm looking for a workflow which allows me to output a 15.000kbs WMV VC-1 Videos by using the Queue Export in CS5 Media Encoder to match the quality my customers want and the fast workflow without exporting to uncompressed and using the Microsoft Expression Encoder.


      Looking forward to your answers!


      Best wishes and many thanks,



      P.S.: I need WMV because it'll run on all Windows computers without installing extern players (like VLC Player etc...) and it brings me a better quality than the Mainconcept H264 option (all details are washed out compared to VC1)