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    Which uncompressed HD format best to edit?

    ghijohansson Level 1

      I could not find anything at Adobe's web site about editing uncompressed HD with  Premiere Elements. But at Cineform's web site it is specifically mentioned that  it works well together with Premiere Elements.


      And there are also other  alternatives for uncompressed HD. So what is the best choice for editing with  Premiere Elements?


      And how to export uncompressed HD from Premiere  Elements? I can't find anything at Adobe's web site about this, but I once found  somewhere a statement that Premiere Elements creates render files which are  uncompressed, and these can be used. To avoid misunderstandment, I can't check  until i have purchased a new laptop and upgraded to a newer version of Premiere  Elements.


      Why I want to edit uncompressed HD? It is possible to connect  an external storage device to a camcorder via HDMI or HD-SDI and capture an  uncompressed signal. The price for such storage devices decreases rapidly. When  I checked a few years ago, it cost about the same as 1000 HDV tapes. When I  checked two weeks ago, the price was the same as 100 HDV tapes. A decrease of 90  % in just a few years. So presumably external storage devices will very soon be  competitive, even for people using cheap camcorders.


      And there are  advantages with editing uncompressed HD. The colour is reproduced better. A less  expensive processor is needed. There is less generation loss.


      Yes, I  understand that with HDMI a video stream is captured, while HD-SDI means to  capture a data stream. But I guess this is of no importance for editing.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can't work with uncompressed HD in Premiere Elements. The file size are much too large -- and, because of the way consumer programs work with video data, the workflow would not produce better results than HDV or AVCHD.


          Even if you export as uncompressed video from Premiere Elements, you won't see improved quality because Premiere Elements' workflow is designed to work with HDV or AVCHD video. In other words, you'd just be outputting uncompressed video from a previously compressed file.


          It's possible a professional editing program can do this, although you'd need a very powerful computer to work with the very large video files.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            PrPro CS5 can deal with several forms of raw HD material (uncompressed), but it will depend on how the storage system packages those.


            Good luck,