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    Audio Conferencing using Cirrus?


      Hi there -


      I'm interested in building a small website for my company's development team.  This is the scenario that I would like to achieve:


      1.  Colleague enters website

      2.  Colleague presses "Connect"

      3.  Colleague is connected with any other colleagues that have pressed "Connect"

      4.  Any colleagues Connected can chat using only a microphone I do not wish to support video feed

      5.  Full duplex communication is supported between all colleagues


      Is this something I can achieve using Cirrus?  If not, do you have any idea what technologies exist that could make this achievable? 


      I have found the following website:




      This seems to do exactly what I want, but I need to create a web service out of this without forcing my colleagues to download something to their computer. 


      Any tips would be appreciated.  Thank you for your time!

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          Chicohuman Level 1

          You can do it, but the audio quality without headphones in Flash is still not the best, it's better with push-to-talk too.

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            My ReelPortal app does just that, except it also have video (which you don't have to turn on).  Here's a short description:


            ReelPortal is a video chat and conferencing software. Designed to work with multiple devices and OSes (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, BlackBerry Tablet, etc), its features include:

            * Video conference with multiple friends
            * Create your own private rooms
            * Supports both p2p and client/server connections

            ReelPortal is room-centric. You automatically connect to everyone in a room when you enter it. No need to call them individually.


            You can run it directly from the web browser on the PC/Mac/Linux, at www.reelportal.com.  You can even download the server, and run it within your own intranet.  But if you don't like it, you can certainly implement your own via Flash/AIR.


            As for audio quality, using headset is probably the best, but if you really need speakerphone, I'd suggest get a decent Bluetooth Speakerphone, like the Motorola EQ7 or EQ5, at a very affordable price.