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    Multiple Browse Sequences - one page

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      Robohelp 7.03.001


      We use Browse Sequences to conduct training on material we have in our help system. The site is quite large and in order to save space we were hoping to utilize one page for multiple different trainings, thus it would appear in more then one Browse Sequence.


      When we do this, it starts following the browse sequence, but when it hits a page that is shared, it jumps to a different browse sequence. After investigation, it appears to jump to the sequence that is listed first alphabetically.


      Is there a way to hit one page with different browse sequences and maintain the current flow?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          If your output is CHM this isn't normally a problem because a single topic may appear in multiple sequences. So I'm guessing your output is web based, meaning WebHelp, WebHelp Pro, Flash Help, Flash Help Pro or maybe AIR Help.


          In these outputs browse sequences work differently. Browse sequences are very much like a chain. Each link in a chain typically only connects to the previous link or the next link.


          What you need to do is have different topics that are part of the sequences. You need each of those topics to present the same information but only be maintained in a single place.


          In this case you would have Topic X that needs to be repeated.


          Browse Sequence 1 goes like this:


          Topic A -> Topic B -> Topic X -> Topic L


          Browse Sequence 2 goes like this:


          Topic C -> Topic X -> Topic G


          So here is how you can approach it. Create two new topics. Each topic will be named differently but will present what Topic X contains. You will remove all information in the topic and replace it with an Inline Frame (IFRAME). An IFRAME allows presenting the content of another topic inside the frame you define.


          In this case your sequences would look like this:


          Browse Sequence 1 goes like this:


          Topic A -> Topic B -> IFRAME Topic 1 -> Topic L


          Browse Sequence 2 goes like this:


          Topic C -> IFRAME Topic 2 -> Topic G


          So how does one go about inserting this Inline Frame?


          First, create the topic. Then press Ctrl+A to select all content. Delete the content. Type XXX. Select across the XXX and click the HTML view at the bottom of the editor. You should see something similar to below:



          Configure the P and /P to IFRAME and /IFRAME as shown below.




          Now switch back to the WYSIWYG editor and the topic should look like this:




          Size the IFRAME a bit larger, then double-click it to see the dialog.



          Give the frame a name and choose the topic that will display inside it.


          That should get you headed in the right direction. After you create the first IFRAME topic you should be able to duplicate as needed to save time. Then you insert these IFRAME topics where you want the same topic in each browse sequence.


          Cheers... Rick


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