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    Best aproach to zoom in on a clip

    twtybrd678 Level 1

      What would be the best apporach to zoom on a certain area on a clip? Is there a plugin to do this automaticaly?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There is no need for a plug-in. Each Video Clip automatically has several fixed Effects applied to them. First, Select your Clip, and then click on the Effects tab, choosing Edit Effects (lower-left of that Panel). This will get you to the Effects Control Panel. Look for Motion, and there you will choose Scale to Zoom. You might also want to Pan, and that would be done with Motion>Position.


          One can adjust these Effects to be static for the entire Clip, or they can be Keyframed to change over time. To start the Keyframing, you need to toggle ON Animation with the little "stopwatch" icon.


          Good luck,