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    Please confirm if this will work for CS5

    El Dorado Media Ted

      I am hoping to get some pro advice to make sure that this system will work (and work well) for Premeire CS5 BEFORE I give the go ahead to build it. I will be editing HD video from a Sony EX1r.  I will be creating DVDs as well as creating client videos for their websites.

      My computer guy is suggesting this computer for my budget of $3,500


      Intel i7 3.2 970 6.4GT/12M RET   6 core CPU w/ hyperthreading

      Mother Board  1366 58 GIGA X58A-UD3R

      DIM: 12GB PC10600 DDR3-1333  3x4GB DIMMS

      VIDEO  GF GTX 470 1280MB

      SSD 128GB  Crucial C300  for system drive

      HDD scratch drives will be 2 600GB SER WD Raptor 10k drives configured as 1.2 TB RAID-0 Array


      I will use 500 GB USB external drives for back ups and archiving.


      I might be able to add a few more $ to the sytem if I need to but I am hoping to stick to the budget.


      Does anyone see any issues with this system?

      Does anyone see any upgrade potential to this system?


      My main hope is to creat a system that will reduce render times and encoding times.


      Please share your wisdom so I can get the best bang for my buck.

      Thank you very much in advance for you help


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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          There is no doubt that the i7-970 hexa core is a great CPU. OTOH, it carrries a price tag of around three time the i7-950, but does not triple the perfomance. Sure it is faster, but not that much and your material, XDCAM-EX is not as taxing for the CPU as AVCHD is.


          An alternative might be to get an i7-950, but increase your memory to 24 GB. The added memory will make up the performance penalty of only a quad core versus a hexa core. This is especially true with your workflow, scaling down to DVD on export. There the extra memory will come in quite handy for good rendering and export times.


          I see your OS disk (SSD), I see your 2 x 600 R0 scratch disks, but where are your media and project drives?


          Just guessing here, but if you need 1.2 TB for scratch, I assume you need quite a bit of storage for your media and projects. Have you considered a raid3/5 array for your media and what controller do you have in mind?


          What CPU cooler and what PSU do you have in mind?


          Have you looked at the PPBM5 Benchmark

          It shows you that 19 out of the top 20 systems use raids.

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            El Dorado Media Ted Level 1



            Thanks for your detailed reply.  I  forwarded your comments to my builder.  I am showing the Coolermaster HAF912 with 700W Coolermaster Extreme


            Are you saying that I should go with smaller scratch drives and that I should add an internal drive for storage?


            Thanks again


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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Not necessarily smaller scratch disks but adding at least two extra drives would be benficial.


              I've not looked up the HAF912, but a popular choice here is the full tower HAF932. The PSU might be a bit low in output. Once you have the details of your system worked out, go to eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Pro v2.5 and get the Pro version. Then enter your components, set CPU load to 100% and capacitor aging to 30%, add 10 - 15% for safety and you know the PSU requirements.